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Invest in Go X scooters in
Las Vegas, Nevada Honolulu, Hawaii Daytona Beach, Florida Clearwater, Florida
and 1.5x your money in 135 days*

Yes, really, investors on our platform already earned over $3M
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See how the platform works

How it Works

  1. You buy scooters for Go X to rent out in one of our locations
    It’s already deployed on Go X network
  2. You make $ when someone rents one of your scooters from us. We will share 50% of the gross profit
  3. Once you earn 50% gross returns, Go X buys back your scooter at your original purchase price
  4. Historically, investors earn back their initial investment in 120-150 days depending on the market and seasonality

What do I get?

You will see a dashboard with real-time stats
and map of how scooters are being rented in a particular market
Go X investor Dashboard
You will see your dashboard with earnings
and ability to withdraw funds 1x a month
Go X investor Dashboard

Investors on Go X platform earned over $3m in the last 180 days

If in August 2021 you invested $20k into Go X or other investments, then this is how your portfolio would look like (some of these are actually in worse shape today):

NYSE: BRDSNasdaq: FBNasdaq: NFLXNasdaq: AMZNBitcoin
August, 2021$20,000
May, 2022$40,000

Why do this?

The capital you provide by purchasing Go X scooters allows us to grow quicker and support more small businesses around the country.

We accept

What Are The Risks?

Will 100% of my fleet be rented out all of the time?
No. You will never see 100% of your fleet rented out. This is due to battery life, weather, seasonality and other reasons. Also, please note that most people will ride scooters from 8 am till 12 am, with peak times around 6-7 pm.
Will any thefts, breaks beyond repair occur and if so, what percentage of my fleet do I expect to lose?
From our experience operating in Florida, California, Texas, Georgia and Hawaii, we have seen anywhere between 10% to 30% of the fleet be lost. This happens due to a number of reasons, but primarily due to theft, vandalism and mechanical issues at times. Go X provides ways for you to mitigate this risk; see the agreement for details
Will scooters be rented out 100% of the time?
No. Scooters need to be recharged and fixed by our ops team at times.
What happens if the city or state changes scooter laws?
Go X invests heavily in legal and operational capabilities in various jurisdictions with a primary goal of always being a legal operator. However, in reality scooter laws can change. We don’t expect this to happen anytime soon, but in case it does happen, then we will redeploy your fleet in one of Go X’s other markets. Go X will cover the moving costs.
What other risk factors can occur in renting out scooters?
There can be seasonality issues – weather, hurricanes and other natural issues
What happens if my scooters become unrentable in a particular market?
Go X will always look out for your best interest and in rare circumstances will return the sum equivalent to your original purchase if the scooters in a market become no longer rentable
Why are expected returns different in different regions
The usage of scooters varies by season and market significantly. These days are derived based on usage that we have seen in these markets.

What investors say

What is Go X?

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Over 250 businesses have partnered with Go X

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Learn more about partner locations, self-driving scooters, the Dragon and see inside Go X warehouses from Florida to Hawaii
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