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Las Vegas, Nevada Honolulu, Hawaii Daytona Beach, Florida Clearwater, Florida

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What can scooter owner do?

  1. Ride your own scooter in the field at any time using Go X VIP App
  2. Have the scooter shipped to you
  3. Control when your scooters are available to be rented out in the field
  4. Control how much you charge to have your scooter rented out or have Go X pricing engine set the price

What is Go X?

The Best World Changing Idea 2021
Go X Apollo Scooter
Go X is unleashing 100 self-driving scooters on a large Georgia business park
Go X Apollo Scooter
Fast Company
The Best World Changing Idea 2021 Award
Go X Apollo Scooter
Can Self-Driving Scooters End Sidewalk Clutter?
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Over 250 businesses have partnered with Go X

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See behind the scenes of Go X

Learn more about partner locations, self-driving scooters, the Dragon and see inside Go X warehouses from Florida to Hawaii
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