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Rent a Scooter 24/7 in New Orleans

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Rates and Subscriptions

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Up to 8 scooters per ride
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Up to 1 scooter per ride


Rent as many scooters as you want with one phone

Good for families or groups of friends

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Rent a scooter in New OrleansRent a scooter in New Orleans
Rent electric scooter in New OrleansRent electric scooter in New Orleans
Scooter sharing in New OrleansRent a scooter in New Orleans

You can rent, ride and return Go X scooters to any of 20+ partner locations in New Orleans. We have the most advanced scooters and you will feel like you are flying without leaving the ground! Go X is by far the largest scooter rental company in the city. We are the only 24/7 scooter rental service available in New Orleans and all you need to do in to rent a scooter is to download a Go X app.

Go X scooters are by far the best way to explore New Orleans, venture out to French Quarter and take in festivities like Jazz Fest & Mardi Gras. Thank you very much for considering Go X scooters and we hope that an adventure on our scooters adds incredible memories to your stay in New Orleans.